How To Use Air Fryers Efficiently


For those consumers who are interested in goood health - and convenience air fryers have become one of the most essential kitchen appliances. However, many of those who purchase this appliance may not know how to use air fryers in a way that maximizes their potential.

The first thing to remeber about air fryers is that are not strictly speaking fryers at all - no oil is used. An air fryer uses a series of heating elements and fans to provide the same heatiing potential as a convection oven. This can provide a crispy exterior, as in when fries are made or - and this is where a little lateral thinking can come in useful, a succulent roast chicken with crispy skin and moist meat.

But the capabilities of an air fryer go far beyond just providing crispy exterior to your favorite foods. In fact anything that can be cooked in a normal oven can also be prepared in an air fryer - obviously dependent on whether it can fit.

So learning how to use air fryers efficiently may be a case of simple experimentation until the correct formula for that perfect meal is found.

Thinking outside the box can lead to some amazing discoveries about the ease and convenience of using an air fryer - and just how easy it is to prepare meals that are not only delicious, but also nutritious and healthy.

There's no reason that a small Thanksgiving Turkey cannot be prepared in an air fryer - or for that matter a delicious midweek dinner of fried fish.

Some models of air fryer also come with baking trays - it is perfectly possible to prepare incredible baked goods in an air fryer - but this really can take some serious experimentation.

However if you are going to experiment with the capabilities of your air fryer then here are some great tips and tricks to make sure that the results you obtain will provide fanatstic meals that will be enjoyed by both the family and guests.

Firstly when converting from a normal recipe to one that makes use of the air fryer lower the temperature by 25 degrees. The cooking temperature is much more consistent in air fryers and this temperature adjustment is required to get the perfect result.

Most air fryers do require a little oil to get that crispy finish to the foods you will be preparing. A tablespoon or two will be sufficient. A spray bottle is great to use with items such as breaded or battered chicken. A couple of squirts on the rack is all that is required.

Fatty foods such as meatballs may not even require the addition of the oil. You can also use whichever oil you prefer. Some common choices are canola, coconut and olive oil.

Experimenting with an air fryer can be one of the most rewarding cooking experiences the home chef will ever experience - and the health (and taste) benefits should not be underestimated.

A Beginner's Guide On How Use Electric Egg Cookers


An electric egg cooker is a type of kitchen tool that automatically cooks chicken eggs simultaneously without the need for a saucepan of boiling water.  The kitchen appliance comes in various sizes and cookers can cook up to seven eggs at one time.  Many people enjoy using this tool because of its convenience, reliable performance, and ease of use.  

One of the most popular types of electric egg cookers is the Egg Genie.  This device offers a mess-free method to prepare eggs cooked in their shells or in their provided compartments.  The Egg Genie is easy to use, but also very easy to clean which is essential to maintain a hygienic kitchen setting.  This article will provide information on how use electric egg cookers like the Egg Genie.

How Can I Use An Egg Genie?

The Egg Genie is an automatic egg cooking device allowing the user to prepare nutritious meals quickly and easily.  It is possible to cook eggs automatically in two different styles with this tool including boiled eggs and poached eggs.

1.  Boiled Eggs

The Egg Genie is one of the electric egg cookers that can hold up to seven eggs and boil them simultaneously.  One may rinse the eggs initially if necessary, but this is not essential when using an electric egg cooker.  To begin boiling the eggs, the user must add the indicated amount of water to the aluminum plate using a measuring cup.  For a soft boiled egg, a quarter of one cup is required; however, for medium or hard boiled eggs, a full cup should be used.

After adding water, one must pierce the narrow tip of the egg using the built-in spike on the egg tray.  The piercing is important because it ventilates the egg shell and makes the removal of the shell easier after boiling.  Insert each of the eggs into the hole of the egg tray with the pierced end pointing up.  Attach the plastic dome to the top of the device and turn the cooker on.  Once the cooker indicates that the eggs have boiled, switch offer the power.  It is, however, recommended that you leave the lid on the dome to give the eggs time to cool before serving.

2.  Poached Eggs

The Egg Genie is able to poach four eggs simultaneously after removing the tray egg.  Once the tray has been removed, add water to the plate using the measuring cup.  Four poached eggs will require water to be filled to 50% of the cup.

Once the water has been placed in the device, the user must break each egg into the poached egg compartment.  Place the egg tray on the base and put the poaching tray above the egg tray.  Attach the plastic dome and turn the egg cooker on.  Once an alarm signals the eggs are cooked, the user can confirm this by checking if the added water has evaporated.  Allow the eggs to cool underneath the plastic dome lid.

Final Words On The Matter

Eggs are a healthy and enjoyable dish for any person to eat.  Using the information above, a person will be able to learn how use electric egg cookers.
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