Here’s How To Use A Rice Cooker


 How To Use A Mini Rice Cooker

A rice cooker has become an essential piece in our kitchen these days and there's no doubt that it saves us a lot of time when we're in a hurry. It's a modern, yet simple device that is very easy to use once you get used to the steps, it'll become a piece of cake. It is a sophisticated piece of technology that everyone (women and men) is proud it's invented. we make lots of research about best rice cooker, we found article have picked out best rice maker .We need to make sure you’ll eat the best rice and spend your money while getting the utmost value.Today, it’ll be all about How To Use A Rice Cooke
rice cookers help cook delicious restaurant quality rice in just a matter of minutes, and the steps aren't difficult.

Tips how to use a rice cooker:

1. Don't use too much water:
It's a common rule in rice cookers that the more water you use, the more it'll take to cook the rice. The basic principle is the rice cooker boils the water and the temperature starts to go up. As the temperature of the rice cooker reaches a certain degree, the rice cooker automatically turns off. The more water you add in the rice cooker, the mre it'll take to heat it up and get it to boil and the longer it'll take to cook the rice enitrely. Adding to much water to the rice cooker will result in overcooked rice. Make sure to always follow the ration 1 cup of rice takes one cup of rice.

2. Before cooking the rice, rinse it:
Rinse the rice you want to cook thoroughly before you cook it in the rice cooker. Add the required amount of rice in a large bowl, wash it several it times and then, finally, when the water is clear, you can allow the rice to drain the extra water.

3. Basmati & Jasmine rice shouldn't be rinsed:
The previous tip was referring to rinsing the normal type of rice, however, it's not advised to do so with basmati or jasmine rice. The basmati and jasmine rice is fragrant (aroma) type of rice which can lose their taste as you rinse it.

4. The rice should rest after it's done:
When the rice cooker is done the cooking, don't rush and serve the rice right away as you'll not get the results you want. After the rice cooker is done the cooking, don't remove the lid for about 5-10 minutes and let the rice rest inside. This will allow the rice to proceed with the cooking process and stabilize the water level.

5. Don't remove the rice cooker plug:
As long as the rice is in the rice cooker, don't remove the plug as the rice cookers are designed and manufactured to keep the rice warm and moist environment. This allows you to serve better quality rice at a warm temperature.

6. Avoid metal spoons or utensils while serving rice:
Rice cookers are designed to have a non-stick inner pot surface that will get scratched as you use metal spoons, forks or any type of metallic utensils. It's always best to use wooden or plastic utensils to serve the rice and completely avoid metals to maintain the non-stick inner pot surface.

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